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Six Deuce Oceana Gen.2 Fitness Leggings

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Oceana Gen.2 Fitness Leggings

Designed for Female Athletes involved in Running, Bikini, Fitness, Crossfit who demand the highest quality and want to look their best.

Amazingly comfortable Fitness Leggings with sublimation printing that will not scrape, peel, or crack.  Please Review the Size Chart for all Generation 2 Pants.  Double layer waistline.  Internal drawstring and reinforced stitching.

Why use our Six Deuce Fitness Series Leggings? 

  • Our Tights offer a layer of warmth while maximizing airflow.
  • The fabric and design of our tights minimizes skin discomfort and keeps chafing to an absolute minimum. 
  • Tights are aerodynamic, which decreases wind resistance especially on windy days.


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