• Six Deuce Knee Sox Rough Grey Gen.2 Fitness Leggings
  • Six Deuce Knee Sox Rough Grey Gen.2 Fitness Leggings

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Six Deuce Knee Sox Rough Grey Gen.2 Fitness Leggings

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Six Deuce Knee Sox Rough Gray Gen.2 Fitness Leggings

Designed for female Athletes involved in Running, Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique and CrossFit Training Who Make Style A Priority


These workout sock leggings are extremely comfortable, they are one piece sport sock inspired that are simply irresistible. This amazing silky fabric moves with your body. 
Whether you're in the gym or out running errands, these stylish gray, pink and black form fitting high end leggings with a pink Six Deuce Logo logo sock design, will make your body look that much more amazing! Our Unique Six Deuce Knee Socks Rough Grey Gen. 2 Fitness Leggings are sure to draw attention with the way they hug your curves with Six Deuce style and the fit you love. These are comfortable Six Deuce Fitness Leggings with sublimation printing that will not scrape, peel, or crack.  Double layer waistline.  Internal drawstring and reinforced stitching.

Stylish Gymwear

While our Six Deuce Leggings offer a layer of warmth to maximize airflow, the fabric and design of our leggings minimizes skin discomfort and keeps chafing to an absolute minimum! Not only are the leggings aerodynamic, which decreases wind resistance especially on windy days, but they look and feel amazing. When you look great, you feel great... These Six Deuce Gen. 2 fitness leggings will hug your curves and get you a little extra confidence when you walk into the gym because they will make you feel as great as they make you look from every angle! 


Please Review the Size Chart for all Six Deuce Generation 2 Pants.  



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