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Elite 1 Fitness Gear

Elite 1 Fitness Gear was specifically created in April of 2013 to bring a more intense, hardcore line of training apparel and gear to our health and fitness conscious customers. The main focus of Elite 1 Fitness Gear will be to provide three exciting new Swedish lines of clothing and accessories, Better Bodies, GASP and Six Deuce, each of which offer an extensive line of indoor and outdoor workout clothing, street wear, and accessories. The gear has a well thought out design message that keeps current with trends yet is unique enough to portray its own attitude.  E-mail: info@elite1fitnessgear.com



Better Bodies

Better Bodies is a brand originally created in New York in the 1980’s for the fitness scene. It has since made its way over to Europe and the US where the brand is well known and sought after by fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Better Bodies is built for both men and women with a typically sleeker, softer, more streamlined approach which can be revealing in the right places. Whereas this is a unisex line of clothing, this is geared mainly for the female fitness enthusiast.



GASP Inc. delivers a wide range of products made for heavy workouts in the gym as well as gear to wear in your everyday life outside the gym. It was specifically made for the male bodybuilding enthusiast, however due to its appeal, this line of clothing is now making its way into other avenues where strength and physical fitness are key.

Six Deuce

Six Deuce is a high-quality, well-designed Fitness & Combat Sport Apparel and Gear at affordable prices. It is to provide and aesthetically pleasing merchandise for the Combat Sport clothing industry, Six Deuce has stayed true to it's roots since, foregoing the repetitive and overused design elements that are so prevalent today. 

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