Starting Over with Emily Weiss week one

Posted on 17 October 2016


We all face struggles with staying in shape and eating healthy. Elite1FitGear athlete Emily Braker Weiss is no different. She had health issues earlier this year and it derailed her fitness goals. Now that they have been resolved she will be doing weekly YouTube Videos to share her journey back. Make sure to follow her and her journey, hopefully she will motivate women to join her. 

Being fit is about a healthy lifestyle that has many benefits.. you will live longer, feel healthier, have more energy, prevent diseases, decrease stress, get sick less often and all that other stuff, but most importantly you will feel good! 

But let's be truthful for a's NOT easy!!! 

You will have to find your own reasons why you want to get in shape...write it down and put it in your car or in your bathroom so you see it everyday and read it before you decide to skip a workout or eat fattening foods.  And make sure to follow Emily on her journey, she will have tons of great tips, work out routines and hopefully motivate you to join her on her journey.


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