Thursday October 31 2013 Cardio/Halloween day

Posted on 31 October 2013

I have recently had surgery so I am limited in my upper body training. Chest is out of the question. So my Workout schedule is as follows

Booty Work and plyos – Cardio
Rest day.. I might take a long bike ride or a walk on the beach.

On cardio day, I usually burn 600-800 calories
My cardio day consists of bike, running, stairs, bridge, and or sprint work. I’m lucky enough to live near the beach in Florida so the weather is usually nice. I like to take my cardio outside whenever possible… who wouldn’t? A few things I like to do when doing my cardio is, wear Delfin Spa ceramic hot pants (about half the price of Zaggora) and use Fat Fader Joe cream before. I know a lot of people think that this is a waste, but I can honestly say I see a difference when I do it. I am not a spring chicken and one of the challenges I find when prepping is getting tight enough. I hold a LOT of water on my lower body.. my trainer tells me “that’s not water you’re retaining Deb, that’s food you’re retaining”.

As far as supplements go, I take a daily vitamin, thermogenic, BCAA’s, Omega’s, and protein powder.


Supplement Companies that I love:

AI Sport Nutrition, ask for Bill Pruden he will work with you and answer all of your questions and concerns.

Metabolic Nutrition I’m addicted to their PB protein powder and the BCAA’s (I make a night time recover slushy shake with my BCAA’s.. yummy)

Advocare I love Spark for a pick me up or a night time workout, and I do the 24 day challenge 2x’s a year. I find it just helps my body reset (for lack of a better definition) .

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