Tuesday October 29 Leg Workout

Posted on 31 October 2013

I will be posting my workouts as I prep for the Arnold Classic 2014. I won't be sharing my diets as I pay for them, I work with Mike Davies Fitness Factory and he does my nutrition.

Leg workout

10 min warm up on stair master

5x20 leg extensions moderate weight squeeze hard

4x10 A2G squats 135 lbs heels on plates to get better range of motion
Superset 20 box jumps
Set 3 270 x 25 SS 25 box jumps
Set 4 270 x 30 SS 30 box jumps

Straight leg deadlift 4x10 95lbs SS Pop squats

Sit up stand up combo/dead lift with 15 lb dumbells 3x10
Do a sit up into a standing position then do a deadlift, sit back on floor and
do another sit-up and repeat (Youtube Mayweather situp)

Step up kick backs combo bench jump (step up on bench kick back leg, repeat on
opposite leg then jump onto bench... That's one repeat 10 times


45 seconds step mill 15 second squat pops (stay low in squat and pop feet)
Repeat 10 times

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