2014 Contest Prep

Posted on 22 October 2013

Training into Contest prep for 2014

I have never done a personal Blog before and figured no better time than now. I am in offseason right now just trying to make improvements and build balance going into next March when I hope to compete at the Arnold Classic.
I eat fairly clean all year round and maintain my body both in and out of the gym so that I can enjoy the foods that I love, in moderation . This “balance” has been a struggle for me, I love to workout and I love to eat…. I also love having a competitor physique, I miss being that lean. I know it’s not something that is maintainable year round… but it has been over 2 years. So I’m making a PSA to keep myself on track, I will compete in 2014. After 2 years off and backing off from hardcore training, dieting and CARDIO (especially cardio) I have made the decision to get back on stage. At 49 this is not going to be an easy task, but I will give it 100%. I will continue to blog my progress! With that being said.. I HATE writing, I am not good at it… so please don’t judge me!

Shoulder Workout
4x10active warm up
Giant set cable front raise, side raise and overhead press

5x5 Push Press

3x10 up right rows SS Lateral raises

3x15 lying front raise SS 3x15 push ups

4x10 rear delt pulls
4x10 cable reverse flys

3 sets of abs
a. Reverse crunch
b. Full sit ups
c. Twist

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