Posted on 17 July 2013

-Not racking your weights when through.  So, you need every free weight in the building to get your workout accomplished—you’re a stud. But when you’re done, strip the weights off so the next person doesn’t have to break her back doing it.

-Blabbing away on cell phones.   The gym is my happy hour I don’t need to hear your conversations as you sit and talk while hogging equipment.  All those people standing around the machine you’re on aren’t actually there to admire you—they want to use that machine too!  

-Being excessively naked. Sure you have to strip down to get in the shower, but do you really need to parade around the entire locker room with everything hanging out? And this goes for blow drying your hair, too. If you need to dry your hair at the gym, wrap a towel around your body, or put some undergarments on… PLEASE!

-Not wiping down machines after sweating all over them.  It’s unsanitary…and gross!

-Grunting excessively.  We get it you think you’re amazingly strong and need everyone in the gym to hear you, but try to keep it down for those of who are NOT impressed.

-Dressing in overly skimpy clothing. I’m sure you’re proud of your hot, gym-toned body (or one that's not quite there yet!), but not everyone has to see so much of your skin. Leave a little to the imagination, ya know? This goes for guys and gals. No one want’s to see your junk hanging out.  We have plenty of great gym wear on our site www. buy something that fits J

-Using the gym as a dating service.   

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