The benefit of using straps to lift

Posted on 22 May 2013

When many of you train your back, you ignore the fact that your grip is relatively weak. To countless gym-goers, the idea of using straps to pull more weight is some how disingenuous. Well, the best piece of advice we can give on the subject is to never let your back be at the mercy of your grip. Plainly said, your back – not your hands – needs to be your primary focus.

If you invest in a pair of straps, the benefits that your back will enjoy will be well worth it. And feel free to use them as soon as you want in your routine. You don’t have to wait until your grip begins to fail. Research shows that you can get one or two more reps per set on weights as light as your 10 RM, so straps aren’t just for the heaviest of sets.

In short, you get three benefits from weightlifting straps:

•More frequent workouts thanks to the grip assistance.

•Heavier weight during deadlifts, rows, and weighted pull-ups.

•More reps during sets of un-weighted pull-ups.


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