The Magic Pill!

Posted on 14 May 2013

I’m often approached and asked about fat burners, thermogenics, pills that help you lose weight.  The elusive “magic pill!"

I have bad news…THERE ISN’T ONE! The good news is you have the magic within you to achieve your goals.  You just have to work for them. I won’t lie, it will be hard work but it will be worth it in the end. Here are a few tips:


STEP 1 - Envision the outcome

When you set a goal, it’s important at this first step to differentiate between a goal and a dream. While the terms may at times be interchangeable, for our purposes, a goal is an attainable commodity.  It’s an endpoint rooted in realistic notions. A dream, however, is far off.  many times it is never attainable but can serve to get you through difficult times.  For example, you may dream of becoming the president of the United States, but if you aren't in to politics, then your dream is more of a fantasy.


STEP 2 - Write a realistic list of all steps involved

When you set a goal, not only should you write that goal down, but also create a detailed list of the steps required to achieve that goal. Doing so not only helps to make the goal tangible, but it will also initiate action on your part.  While at the same time, highlighting aspects of your goal that aren’t clearly defined.


STEP 3 - Identify potential obstacles and plan around them

Obstacles blocking the path to your goals come in all shapes and sizes, but they present a substantially reduced threat when you’ve had the foresight to see them ahead of time. You don’t, however, need to see all of them in any detail in order to plan around them. Some circumstances are unavoidable, but ideally you should be able to endure them without seeing your goal fall to pieces.


STEP 4 - Track your progress

Start tracking your goal or goals in a journal. Chart your progress over an extended period of time. A journal can also be a place to add notes, make alterations to your goal, and to see what you’ve accomplished and your progress over a period of time. Seeing this can inspire you to remain in pursuit of your goal as well as keep you on course when you start to drift.  This tracking process can give you satisfaction in seeing how far you’ve come.


A journal will also let you see how far you have to go.  A dose of reality that may motivate you or bring about a bit of depression if it seems like a long way. For this reason, this step includes the act of rewarding yourself for meeting certain targets.

Take a little time to tighten up your diet. Find an activity you enjoy doing and make the time to get it in your schedule. Then once you’ve done those things, it’s your job to STICK to it!  It’s up to you to make the "magic" happen! Keep pushing forward.  You are worth it!

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