Posted on 01 October 2015


by Neil Hill

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I'm in Prague today with William Bonac ready for the Prague Grand Prix and have to say I am frigging excited to see him up on that stage. 

Now if you stop and think William has flown from Amsterdam to the UK, back to Amsterdam, to Las Vegas, back to Amsterdam and now Prague all in the less than a month. 

Yet he had the biggest professional show of his career and another great show in Prague. Do you think he stayed on track by relying on in-flght food, fast food choices and only protein shakes?

Did he f***!!

William prepared his meals ahead of time and made sure he had what he needed in order to remain on his program no matter what.

He did NOT make f***ing excuses, and he came in the shape of his LIFE at the Mr. Olympia in Vegas.

Before you turn around and say "yes but he is a pro bodybuilder" I don't care but effort is stillRELEVANT  to your personal goal!

If you want to achieve your results you HAVE to view your goals as just as valuable as William does the Mr. Olympia.

Your 12 week transformation, or 12 month (whatever it may be) is YOUR "Mr. Olympia."

If it's that important to you so you have to work at it like William did. Does that make sense?

I had a gentleman, Owen, who's worked with me online for sometime and had great results. BUT, the last month he's had the BEST results yet because of one thing and one thing ONLY. He started to view his journey like a pro!  He stopped doing "small" things like having a little extra here and there when he knew he shouldn't and the results are speaking for themselves. That's not magic, it's being prepared to work for your goal and viewing it as a priority. If you are going to do it, then DO IT. Like I keep telling you, this is a lifestyle and you need to be committed to it.

-Neil Hill

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