The Gym: Social Playground For Sweat and Fashion

Posted on 30 September 2015

Pictured Above Elite1FitGear Athletes: Maggie Corso, Gemma Macpherson, George Brown


The Gym: Social Playground For Sweat and Fashion

Clearly, most people go to the gym to exercise, lift and get fit. Most who go regularly though, have bonded and formed friendships that embrace their fit lifestyles. We’re there to sweat, feel great and look great of course! Why shouldn’t we want to dress up all that hard work with clothes that look and feel great during our workouts? We spend as much time in the gym as some people do at a part time job!

Psychology experts tell us that when we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we are at 100%- socially, mentally and physically, so it only makes sense that the clothes that we wear have an impact on this equation. So aside from growing our muscles, we are growing our confidence daily as we meet up with the weights, cardio equipment and friends who share our passion for fitness and bodybuilding.

Looking forward to going to the gym is sometimes a struggle when exhaustion strikes, but NOT when you have brand new gear to rock your workout in! Elite1FitGear only carries the highest quality brands to dress up your hardcore fit physique, with colors and styles that look great and feel great to workout in.


It’s time to treat yourself. GASP has something your body will look great in, and that will make you feel like the rockstar you are when you hit those tough PRs. Bring your tight glutes, hams, and quads to the gym in a brand new pair of Better Bodies Tights or Six Deuce Hot pants, and you’re sure to have extra confidence to propel you through your workout! Gym psychology, look good, feel great… Our brands are preferred by the Pros in the industry for a reason… Nothing looks as good on all that hard work drenched in sweat!


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