Does Quality Nutrition Matter

Posted on 24 September 2015

The nutrition arena is packed with theories and takes on what is right and wrong. There's one thing which in my mind cannot be disputed. Food quality is of paramount importance. 
Eating the correct AMOUNT of food is certainly important for your goals but never, ever forget that quality is just as important. 

By quality I'm generally referring to natural, single ingredient foods which derive from the "world" rather than a manufacturing plant full of additives. 

NO, I'm not saying "never" have processed s*** but understand that quality does exist and it does matter.
Here are 4 fast facts WHY quality matters:


1. Digestion

The foods you eat, even with the same calorie/macro values may well digest differently. Natural foods tend to be enriched with naturally occurring digestive enzymes and nutrients which help the body break them down. Like I KEEP saying for food to be of benefit to you it has to be assimilated and digested properly! 

2. Nutrient profiles 

Not all carbs, proteins or fats are created equal. Look back to my email on Omega 3 fats Vs. Omega 6 fats and the conversion rates of certain types. This should tell you that the SOURCE of your food is VERY important and significant. For example, the fat content may be the same but the actual variety of fat may be different and therefore will create a different response. Usually high quality natural food will be better! 

3. Inflammation

Different foods will create different inflammatory responses dependent upon a number of things. Provided you have no issues with the food, you'll often find natural single ingredient foods are less of an issue opposed to many processed foods EVEN with the same calorific reading. A practical example would be steak, sweet potato, vegetables and pineapple Vs. a pizza - you'll learn quickly which creates more inflammation. (Inflammation in itself isn't "evil" because it occurs from training, but excessive amounts is not good which is often the case from too much processed s***!).

4. Amino acids

Even if a processed food source has a high protein value it's often the case (not always!) that the processing used can denature a lot of the protein within that meal. Again, this comes down to education and recognising quality! 

These are just 4 quick examples of MANY which is why if I'm thinking with my body composition and health head on, I will always pick Steak and baked potato over a mass produced burger and fries for instance! 

Written by Neil Hill

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