Double-Under Wrist, Rope, and Jump Coordination Explained

Posted on 21 December 2013

By Duane Waits

The increased coordination levels that come after learning the consistent double-under movement should motivate any one who is struggling to continue practicing. Stability comes from the center of your body also known as your core. Mechanical objects always have a center of mass where all energy starts and stops. Once your center of mass is producing a high level of coordinated movement your technique improves and your success rate goes up.

As you jump rope the way you hold the rope in your hand, and how much or little movement is involved to move the rope will determine your initial success or failure. For those who are more coordinated than others due to genetics you will intuitively know how to jump rope because it feels right, so in turn, you are doing what is comfortable. For those of us who are not so coordinated jumping rope is like climbing a mountain and being scared of heights. You must get comfortable with how your body is supposed move.

Efficiency of movement from head to toe is your ultimate goal. Effortless actions used to get to your goals will generate the quickest and most significant results. Putting too much effort in getting the rope to rotate will only lead to failed attempts because your body is not in-sync and not working together smoothly. So always work to take the path of least resistance when it comes to the jump rope.

The more wild your movements the more inefficient your technique. For example, an airplane propeller does not move from one fixed point to another in a circular motion to achieve maximum rotational velocity. The propeller is rotating from a fixed point on the wing or nose of the plane. Much like the plane your wrist becomes that relatively fixed point which will produce the rotational speeds you are looking for to execute the double-under or single-under properly.

Your jump has to be coordinated with, at a minimum, two factors – rope length and rope speed. Rope type, cabled or plastic, go hand in hand with rope speed. You must have an understanding of how your rope is going to react with the laws of nature like gravity and force. Your efforts will be minimized or increased based on rope type. The worst thing you can do is have a rope that is too short. You automatically lose your ability to make adjustments because your negotiation window is too small. I highly recommend having a rope custom-made to your height and jumping technique. You can always have the rope adjusted as your technique gets better.

Once you have a rope you are comfortable with, practice jumping along that path of least resistance keeping your movement patterns to a minimum which will produce the maximum result. Your ultimate goal is to have the ability to double-under 50 plus times in a row consistently fresh out of the gate or fatigued.

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