Xosterone – Pack on Lean Muscle Mass and fight Nasty Cortisol Effects

Posted on 20 December 2013

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

For the past two decades, bodybuilders and athletes have been using prohormones to add lean muscle mass, gain strength, improve endurance and reduce body fat. And there’s a good reason why bodybuilders have been using prohormones for so long – they work!

However, the one problem with the vast majority of prohormones is that they can’t control cortisol functions without shutting off cortisol entirely. As some athletes know, cortisol is the hormone that’s secreted by the adrenal gland during stressful situations. Many people recognize it as “the stress hormone” because it’s released as part of the body’s flight-or-flight response.

Obviously cortisol is useful in certain situations, especially life-threatening ones. So why is controlling cortisol so important? Wouldn’t you want these hormones coursing through your veins 24/7 so you could go around lifting cars and working out three times harder? Not quite, because high and prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream can lead to the following nasty effects:

- Suppressed thyroid function, which makes weight loss much harder
- High blood pressure
- Less muscle tissue
- Decrease in bone density
- Impaired cognitive function
- Lowered immunity
- Rise in abdominal visceral adipose tissue, which can increase the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. What’s bad is that visceral fat is extremely hard to lose too!

These effects put prohormone users in between a rock and a hard place. After all, you don’t want extremely high cortisol levels due to the negative health consequences and decreased muscle tissue. But you also don’t want to completely shut down cortisol and lose your natural response to stressful situations.

So what can you do in regard to using prohormones and still maintaining a reasonable level of this hormone? The answer – use Xosterone.

What makes Xosterone different from other Prohormones?

Like many prohormones, Xosterone provides impressive size, strength and libido advantages. However, the big difference is that Xosterone contains 11-OXO (Adrenosterone).

11-OXO is a prohormone that’s released along with cortisol in response to stress. It helps keep cortisol in check without completely shutting cortisol down. And the end result is that Xosterone is able to help athletes pack on pounds of thick, lean muscle mass and increase libido. Of course, I’m skipping a lot here, so let me dive a little deeper into what 11-OXO does.

11-OXO can convert to 11- ketosterone, which is a non-aromalizing analog of testosterone. When this conversion happens, athletes get the incredible testosterone benefits of more muscle mass and a skyrocketing libido.

Another thing to love about 11-OXO is that it controls the function of the 11 beta- hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 reductase (11HSd1R); this enzyme is responsible for converting cortisone to cortisol in the liver, fat and muscle.

One more major benefit of 11-OXO is that it occupies the enzyme 11HSd1R, which prevents cortisol from using it. While in the enzyme, 11-OXO controls the negative actions of cortisol without blocking cortisol’s crucial benefits.

What can Xosterone do for You?

Coming off the scientific talk for a moment, let’s lay out the benefits of Xosterone, plain and simple:

- Can increase muscle density, fullness and mass
- Can give your libido a huge spike
- Can decrease body fat, most notably the stubborn and disgusting visceral fat
- Can increase your size and strength
- Can improve insulin sensitivity and glycogen deposition
- Can enhance cognitive function and put you in a better mood

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Serving Size and Dosage

Every bottle of Xosterone contains 120 servings, with 1 serving being equal to two pumps. Additionally, there are 75mgs of 11-OXO in each bottle.

As for the dosage, this varies based on your level of experience. Inexperienced users should take 225mg (one serving) three times daily. More advanced users can take 225mg up to six times a day, which is the recommended maximum.

Also keep in mind that Xosterone should never be used for more than an 8-week period. Once you’ve been using this product for 8 weeks, be sure to go off of it and run Post-Cycle Therapy.

Xosterone Side Effects

As with any other prohormone, Xosterone does have some potential side effects. These can include acne, possible hair loss, increased or decreased libido, and maybe an increase in your appetite.

Won’t Xosterone hurt my Liver?

No, Xosterone is non-methylated, so it won’t be hard on your liver.

Post-Cycle Therapy

Even though Xosterone won’t hurt your liver, it’s still highly recommended that you run a good Post-Cycle Therapy. So once you’ve used this product for up to 8 weeks, stop using Xosterone and run PCT.

Do you need an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI)?

No, Xosterone doesn’t aromatize and it has very little estrogenic potential. Even still, those who are very prone to estrogenic side effects like bitch tits should consider using an AI like Forma Stanzol.

Should you use Xosterone if you’re under 21?

If you are under 21, you don’t need to use Xosterone or any other prohormone or steroid. Those who are under the age of 21 naturally make enough testosterone and should wait until they’re older to use prohormones and steroids.

Will Xosterone cause you to fail a Drug Test?

Yes, this product will cause you to test positive for WADA-banned substances when you’re on a cycle. Prohormones are against the rules of organized sports, and you’d be taking a major risk by using them.

What People are saying about Xosterone:

This is an excellent product. When dosed high enough, you will get some awesome results in fat loss and hardness with virtually zero sides! The topical delivery system here is what really makes this product shine.

Posted on RXMuscle.com by data4

Everything under 800 per day is useless .4 weeks is way too short for Epi and your dosage is a bit low. Also buy Xosterone - that's topical 11oxo - using it right now with Primo, Masteron and Var and i'm loving it big time. Also with higher dosages of both Epi and 11oxo a better joint support is a MUST - fish oil won't be enough .What i do is cissus, Antaeus Labs: Achilles and E-Pharm: Joint Force.

Posted on SupplementsReview.com by WaltherP99BG

I've heard of guys makings some serious gains in lean muscle on this new product over at muscle research forums. It would be perfect in a cutting or recomp stack

Posted on EliteFitness.com by jbranken

Great compound with a lot of different stacking options, too. Nice lean gains with no water weight.

Posted on RXMuscle.com by MidwestBeast

you have me at Xosterone is an AMAZING topical product based on the same method of delivery as Forma Stanzol except it contains 11-OXO.

hell of a product heck of a deal make sure your by your mouse ready to order on this one. this one makes my top 5 list.

Posted on RXMuscle.com by Andreas Munzer
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Whether you’re looking to pack on lean muscle, shred fat like never before or amaze your woman in the bedroom, Xosterone is perfect for you! The 11-OXO hormone that it contains will fight the visceral fat gains and high blood pressure that cortisol causes, and still deliver incredible size and strength gains.

And as the testimonials indicate, Xosterone makes for a great stacking compound. So next time you’re stacking – or just looking for an excellent standalone product – make sure to check out Xosterone. It’ll leave the women ogling at your muscles and guys envious of your massive, ripped physique! Use this link to grab your bottle right away and to save!

Xosterone – Pack on Lean Muscle Mass and fight Nasty Cortisol Effects
Bodybuilders have been using prohormones for years to pack on lean muscle and make strength gains. Unfortunately, most prohormones can’t keep cortisol levels in check, which leads to dangerous and depressing side effects like high blood pressure, lowered immunity, visceral fat deposits and more.This is where Xosterone comes in – the one prohormone that controls cortisol without shutting down cortisol’s important functions. Beyond this, Xosterone provides a host of great benefits such as muscle mass increases, fat decreases, and a sex drive unlike your woman has ever seen!These perks only scratch the surface of what Xosterone does since you can also expect improved insulin sensitivity, better cognitive functions and happier moods.Anybody who’s missed out on one or more of these benefits with other prohormones definitely needs to give Xosterone a close look. So let’s continue discussing this product and why it can keep cortisol at safe levels while providing huge muscle gains.Or use this link to grab your bottle right away and to save!
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