#RethinkYourDay for Health and Longevity: Chat 12/16 9EST with @PolarGlobal

Posted on 16 December 2013




Even if you exercise regularly, sitting too much and too long at a stretch can have an adverse effect on your health and increase your risk of premature death. Think about your day: how many opportunities have you missed where you could MOVE?

Intensity is a factor, as is recovery. How much sleep are you getting on a nightly basis? Is it enough for your body to properly recover and rebuild?

How can you objectively measure these things, and see when you’ve made progress?

The Polar loop is one way. This activity tracker is made to be worn 24/7 (it’s waterproof and worn on your wrist, not attached to clothing) to measure ALL of your movement throughout the day, and nudge you when it’s time to get up and get the blood flowing. It then compares your data against standards set by the World Health Organization to let you know just how much more you need to move to reach a daily goal. Sync that data into the Polar Flow app to see how much time you’ve spent lying down, sitting, standing, walking and running; connect to a bluetooth heart rate monitor to get accurate feedback from workouts.

The result is a complete picture of your movement that you can view charted daily, weekly, and monthly, so you know where you need to make changes and when you’ve made progress.

Let’s talk about our habits when it comes to physical activity and the small changes we can make to improve our health and longevity! How can we rethink our day?

  • Monday, December 16th 9pm EST/ 8pm CST
  • Hashtag is #RethinkYourDay
  • Make sure to follow @FitFluential and @PolarGlobal so you don’t miss a tweet!
  • ONE lucky chat participant will win a Polar Loop (US only, please) 



New to this? Just search for #RethinkYourDay on Twitter at chat time to view the conversation, and make sure to add #RethinkYourDay to your responses so they are visible on the chat timeline.

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