What would be on a bodybuilder's Christmas list? What are some of the best gifts to give a bodybuilder?

Posted on 05 December 2013

What would be on a bodybuilder's Christmas list? What are some of the best gifts to give a bodybuilder? 
*GASP and Better Bodies - Made to show off all the hard work in the gym with high quality fitness clothing designed for the muscular physique! 
*GASP Training Belt - Extra strong and durable belt for a great day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural suede on the inside. Extremely cool GASP embroidery on the back and on the front belt loop! High quality buckle with two pins for good stability! The belt is 10cm (4 inches) wide. – Your best workout partner ever!


*Gym bag - Big GASP trunk   It's big, but not too big. It's just the right size to fit all of your stuff, but still be able to fit inside a gym locker, and be easy to take traveling and extremely durable 


*GASP Hardcore Wrist wraps - very tight and strong wrist wrap for really demanding workouts, Your best support partner for heavy lifts! 


Water Bottle - Everyone drinks water and everyone should probably drink more of it. Bodybuilders are no exception to this rule. In fact they may need to drink even more water. 

*Protein - Buying a bodybuilder protein is a great gift idea. It lasts a long time and will save a bodybuilder a trip to the supplement store. Metabolic Nutrition has some amazing flavors 


*Recipe or Cooking Book - Metabolic nutrition has some great protein powder recipes, this is a must for protein lovers  


*Supplements -Buying supplements for a bodybuilder can be a great gift idea if you are careful. Bodybuilders all take some form of supplements and purchasing these for them can be a nice gift. The guys at ai are great and will help with your decisions 


*Gift card - A great gift to help with their fitness and health goals! 

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