Posted on 09 November 2013


To gain strength and build muscle mass you should be including these 4 fundamental exercises in your routine

  1. SQUAT - The Squat is one of the best exercises for everyone. Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking to gain size, an athlete looking to gain speed, or just looking to stay in shape.
  2. BENCH PRESS - Why should you do the bench press? What is the benefit of bench press and how does it help? The bench press exercise activates your pecs, deltoids, your forearm and your abs. Add the bench press to your workout to build your strength for push-ups, improve your power for sports performance and build bone density in your upper body.
  3. DEADLIFT – (my personal favorite) One of the best total body exercises. It builds the entire posterior chain, burns calories, blast fat, improves, posture, improves grip strength, builds overall body strength, works the abdominals and deadlifts are a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. They work your heart and help raise VO2Max. What’s not to love?
  4. DIPS - Dips are a challenging upper-body strength-training exercise, but they can be modified so that lifters of all levels can incorporate them into their workouts. Multiple upper body benefits: Dips primarily work the inferior pectoralis (lower aspects of the chest), which are largely missed by bench press and push-ups. They also target the triceps as well as the some of the anterior deltoids (front aspect of your shoulder). This exercise is also great for working the flexibility of your shoulder girdle.

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